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RV Detailing

Are you looking to revitalize your RV or trailer? If so, we invite you to request our RV detailing services. At 5 Star Mobile Wash, we offer the most comprehensive detailing services available today for the most competitive rates. We’ll clean your windows for an unimpaired view of the road, remove dirt, grime, and crumbs for a sleek vehicle appearance, and ensure everything is ready for the trip ahead.

See what a difference our professional RV and trailer detailing service can make. Get in touch with our team and request a service by calling (928) 201-1939 at your convenience.

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5 Star Mobile Wash Has All the RV Detailing Services You Need

Our mobile RV detailing company is here to beautify your recreational vehicle from bumper to bumper. Do you need to wash away the mud after a lengthy excursion? Would you like to prepare your RV for a sale? As recreational vehicle detailing professionals, we boast a wide array of services, the finest detailing equipment, and start-to-finish attention to detail.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Our exterior detailing services focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal and external protection of your RV. This includes thorough washing, waxing for a glossy finish, paint protection to guard against the elements, and targeted removal of bugs and tar. We also pay attention to roof cleaning and conditioning, ensuring your entire RV shines.

Interior RV Detailing

Interior detailing involves a deep clean of your RV’s inside spaces. We provide vacuuming and carpet cleaning, upholstery treatments, leather care, and meticulous window and mirror cleaning. Our goal is to leave the interior looking and feeling fresh and well-maintained.

RV Rooftop Cleaning and Maintenance

We’re dedicated to extending the lifespan of your RV roof and ensuring it remains resilient against the elements. Our roof maintenance services cover inspection, cleaning, sealing, and resealing to prevent leaks and potential damage.

Top-to-Bottom RV Cleaning

We clean RVs from top to bottom—and we mean it. As part of our comprehensive cleaning approach, we focus on the undercarriage, removing road grime and dirt. We also provide rust prevention and treatment to safeguard the structural integrity of your RV.

RV Window and Seal Maintenance

Our team conducts thorough inspections, cleans windows, and applies sealants to maintain the integrity of your RV’s windows and seals. This service helps prevent leaks and ensures optimal visibility.

RV Interior Restoration and Odor Elimination

We specialize in interior deodorizing, targeting odors and eliminating them at their source. Additionally, our services include mold and mildew removal, leaving your RV smelling fresh and clean.

Ask About Mobile RV Cleaning Services

We take the hassle out of maintaining your RV with our exceptional mobile detailing services. We mean it when we say that we go the extra mile for you!

Our skilled and experienced team brings professional RV detailing right to your doorstep. Whether you’re at home or on a campground, we’ll come equipped with state-of-the-art tools and eco-friendly products to deliver a comprehensive exterior and interior detailing experience.

Request Our Auto Detailing Services Today

Invest in our RV and auto detailing services and enjoy the enhanced comfort and value that comes with complete cleanliness. Our interior and exterior work will beautify and fortify your recreational vehicle in ways you never thought possible. Call (928) 201-1939 to schedule a detailing session.

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