5 Star Mobile Wash

Tri state Mobile Wash and Detailers. Now we also clean windows!

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About 5 Star Mobile Wash

We are a small husband & wife company with a few good experience men. We started off as customers getting $25 car washes. We love the work they did for the price and convenience. Until one day they stop showing up. It was at this time we inquired on what the situation was, which wasn't good. We made an offer and the rest is history.

It has been over two years now since we took over. Erin & I have gone from a couple jobs a day to a full 5 and 6 day work week. Were looking to start a second truck due to the amount of accounts as well as daily calls. We have turned it into a real 5 star car wash and detail business

If you would have told me this is what I'd be doing for a career years ago I would have laughed long and hard. But at this moment its one of the best thing that ever happen to Erin and I. We now are in control of our own finance as well as life. I have had a few other businesses but this has really paid off. We make an average $4000-$5000 monthly. We do run ads which is what keeps us steady but word of mouth is always best.

Because we have used a lot of products over the years we have realized most is a waste of money. We are going to make the products we use as well as other detailers in our area available for everyone. If your a do it yourself person these products will be a must if you really love and appreciate your car like we do !

We are also thinking about helping others start their own businesses by offering franchises. Its a very responsible start up cost with a quick return on your cash. Speaking of cash since it is a cash generating business you’ll have it back in your pockets in know time at all. It will be all up to you on how much and how far you wanna go. Theirs a lot of cars,motorcycles,rv's,boats etc out there and they all need to be washed and detailed,why not it be you too.

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